About Hightechwire

Hightechwire is Yoick’s main blog and it’s about high technology, trends, venture capital and their societal aspects weaved together.

It’s purpose is to inform, enthuse and critically debate, but most importantly to engender and foster entrepreneurialism and hence the name “Yoick” – which means PURSUIT, “purpose in action”, search, chase, quest, hunt – take or hold a course, shape one’s course. Rather apt, we like to think!

Yoick is morphing into a social media company with a multitude of applications and platforms — for now, though, we are in stealth …so stay tuned and continue to interact with us via this blog.

Yoick’s Hightechwire is written by Rand Leeb-du Toit, and unless stated directly, represents his personal viewpoints. 


2 responses to “About Hightechwire

  1. Hi Yoick,

    I found yr blog via Ben barren (Gnoos). I recently wrote about top web 2.0 apps in Australia.

    I would like to know more about VCs here, as I’m interested in to know about them.
    May be i will write about them as well.
    It will be good if i can catch up with you some time.


  2. Vishal,

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy to have a chat regarding the investment scene in Australia and globally vis a vis Web 2.0.

    Hook up via skype: randalleeb.

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