About Rand Leeb-du Toit


Venture Capitalist, Lawyer, Futurist, Publisher, Deal Maker, Serial Entrepreneur

Experienced venture investor, deal maker and senior executive with a special interest in high technology, high growth areas that involve tech and business step changes. An entrepreneurial change agent, chief mischief maker and evangelist for seizing opportunities and getting stuff done, Rand plays on the edge between futurist, catalyst and leader and likes to push the envelope at every chance.

Rand (Randal) has extensive experience in executive management, capital raisings,  corporate advisory, deal structuring, legal, investment management and mergers and acquisitions. He is currently Director, Business Development at NICTA, a major use-inspired ICT research institute which has received $500m in funding from the Australian Federal and various state governements and leading Australian universities. His most recent previous role was as CEO of the Australian Distributed Incubator (ADI), a national early stage investment and services company, which received funding from both the Australian Federal and Victorian governments and made over 15 investments into Australian technology ventures.

Rand was the Executive Chairman of leading venture firm, Tribalweave Capital, and the CEO of the global social networking phenomenon, First Tuesday, in Australia. He played an integral part in the growth of First Tuesday to the point where the network included 500,000 members in over 110 cities worldwide and faciliated US$150 million in venture capital transactions.

He has board and advisory board experience with numerous high technology companies, in areas such as nanotechnology, bioinformatics, wireless and mobile content.

In the 1990’s, Rand led a strategic initiative to bring business publishing house, CCH, into the new media age. He focused on developing alliances and partnerships and conceptualising, financing and building new ventures. In this intrapreneurial role he established a specialist online legal channel which attracted over one million page views in its first month of operations and established ComStrata, an online strata management and financial systems venture, which was subsequently acquired by InSite.

He started blogging in the mid 90s and has commented widely on technology, trends, venture capital and their social aspects.

He ran his own legal practice and worked as corporate counsel for Email Limited, a multinational diversified manufacturing and distribution company which operated in such industries as metals, major consumer appliances, security products, meters and petroleum products. At Email he provided inhouse legal advice and worked on a number of mergers, acquisitions and divestments, including the takeover of Atlas Steels for $130 million.

He currently sits on the Advisory Board of the Global Security Challenge, a London Business School initiative to find and fund exciting security related startups. He has been a judge in the prestiguous Western Sydney Industry Awards 2004, 2005 and 2006, co-hosts Innovation Bay, an invite-only business network and is a member of AIMIA’s Mobile Content Advisory Group.

Randal read for a Bachelor of Arts degree and LLB at the University of Cape Town.

In his spare time he paints, surfs, mountain bikes and hangs out with his family.

Rand can be contacted on:

Tel: 650 276-0419
Email: rand.leebdutoit at gmail dot com

 Cover Story BRW Sept 2006


2 responses to “About Rand Leeb-du Toit

  1. Rand,

    Thanks for listening to the Podtech interview…I’m glad you could add your comments.


  2. Rand clearly has a bloated ego. He thinks hes too important to keep appointments and doesn’t even bother to apologize for not doing so.

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