Second Life Goes In Search Of Its Voice


Second Life sees voice as an important tool for its residents. According to the virtual world’s creator, Linden Labs, their development path is focused onhaving both voice-enabled avatars so you can simply walk up to someone and engage in a conversation and allow for spatially aware multiple voices so that you can walk through an area and hear people speaking with their voices emanating from where they are in that space.

In an interview with IDG News, Joe Miller, Linden Lab’s VP of platform and technology development also noted that they have a significant initiative under way to make inworld search more natural and visual.

Joe also mentioned they have created an API which will allow their business customers to create their own front porches into SL. Not my favorite analogy, but this is an important development. In fact all three initiatives are important as SL has copped a lot of flack for its clunkiness. Marketing and hype is one thing, but happy users is a whole other ball game.

Let’s end with a great quote, which we strongly agree with…We believe that multiple-user virtual environments are just in the beginning stages of their existence…to create communities, commerce and a permanent place for ourselves.


7 responses to “Second Life Goes In Search Of Its Voice

  1. Voice enabled avi’s are going to be a kill-joy for a lot of people in SL. Particularly for those men who are posing as women, or those chicks from Yonkers who are posing as Japanese schoolgirls. It’s gonna be fascinating to see what happens, and I for one can not wait!

  2. It would be cool to do voice overs though — you avatar can look and sound like you want.

  3. Can visualize the future with avatars talking in their languages spanish,french,.. and may be some translator tools can change the language from English to spanish remove the language barriers…which will be real amazing

  4. Yeah, bring it on!

  5. Well… In real, there is a better solution in Second Life, which is solving almost all disadvantages of this one. Its called SECOND LIFE SPEECH TOOLS and it assigns to people good quality voices and they can write as usualy and SAPI engine will convert the chat to speech and you hear people talk. You can use speech recognition as well so it converts what you will tell to text. This solution is much more blending in the current SL world and is more usable for people who dont want to use their own voice or just don’t want to use headset etc. And when used only at client side, there is no lag caused etc. You will understand much better what people are talking, you can assing voices on your taste etc. It can be used with this new Second Life feature very well, so people will not need to speak to microphone. They will just install Speech Tools, they will select some voice and they will be talking aloud when writing as they are used too. This will help in a big way and people will still have chance to hide their identity and to be writing as they are used to. So no worries.

  6. That makes sense to me but does this?
    Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. 🙂

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