Stumbleupon: The Blogger’s Long Tail


An experiment conducted by Stephen De Chellis on the effect of bookmarking blog posts across various solutions has produced some revealing results.

First off, Netscape delivered minimal results.

Secondly, and not surprisingly given their marketshare, once the story hit the front page of Digg, digsters flocked to the blog in question.  The third news aggregator used, Stumbleupon, saw healthy initial results, but nothing like the Digg-generated traffic.

The real surprise came a week or so after the blog post when Digg traffic was way down, and Stumbleupon was very healthy.

Stephen concludes….Digg had brought in the highest number of hits, but they were fleeting. A massive wave of people will go from Digg, to your blog and then never return. Netscape? Do I even need to linger on that one? StumbleUpon… there be the long tail for a blogger!


2 responses to “Stumbleupon: The Blogger’s Long Tail

  1. This particular story was plagiarized from my blog. You can read about it here:!.html

    Please remove the link to he plagiarizers (now) removed website

    Thank You.

  2. Thanks for updating us, Steve. Post remedied – and well done WordPress for deleting the blog in question!

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