The Era of Instant Journalism


I recently did an interview for a financial publication on the state of blogging and its impact on business. One of the points I focused on was how bloggers have become far more influential as immediate news sources. Picking up on this point Andy Abramson has a great post about “Creative Video Blogging and the New Instant Journalism”.

Andy looks at CES, which is happening this week in Las Vegas, and postulates that it’s going to be the independent news sources, not the main stream media where a lot of the ‘breaking news’ and more interesting stories get told. With blogging, podcasting and video blogging from anywhere there’s an IP connection, we have entered an era of “Instant Journalism” and of “just in time” distribution of news content.

This is a point well made and Nicholas Carr calls this the “New Instantaneousness” – and says that Instant Journalists cannot be overly concerned with punctuation, grammar and spelling — they are all about getting the story out and so need to write as if pursued by a cheetah across the Serengeti.

Nice analogy, but from my point of view getting the message out does not mean getting it out sloppily. Firstly an iJournalist can hone his or her skills to ensure they minimalise their mistakes, and secondly, use a spell check function and get a colleague to read your posts and point out mistakes — you can always go back in later and edit.

Andy notes the initiative that Benjamin Higginbotham is bringing to CES – you can send Ben a video mail or skype voicemail of burning questions you have for manufacturers and he will get their answers and blast them out on his daily netcasts. Cool!

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