Pitching for Funding: A Winning Formula

Pitching for funding is an art form. I’ve seen literally thousands and what amazes me is how so many folk get it so wrong. You need to engage your audience from the get go and keep them on the edge of their seats the whole way through.

Whether you’re pitching Charles River for 60 seconds in their Entrepreneur Idol competition, submitting a 30 second mobile clip on MyWaves and hoping to Win a Date with 4 Top Tier Venture Capitalists, Stirring things up at PitchLab or formally pitching  to a room of venture partners who are simultaneously asking questions, checking emails and coming and going…there is a winning formula.

Here’s my guide to pitching: pitch-guideline-06.doc . Keep it simple, less is more on slides, big font, no jokes and …exude passion. 

2 responses to “Pitching for Funding: A Winning Formula

  1. This is a good look of yr blog and yes you pointed out some good points here.

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