Internet Video Awash with Investment: Google & Yahoo at play

The blogosphere is awash with unconfirmed reports of investments and acquisition plays in the Internet video arena.


First up, GigaOM reports that Google is participating in a funding round into Xunlei, a Chinese P2P company which has had between 75 and 100 million downloads of its software. Xunlei, which means thunder, is working with TV stations to do P2P downloads of television content that they attach ads to.

Katie Fehrenbacher writes that the apparent pre-money valuation is set at around $100 million. A further post on this can be found here.

 Next up off of the rumor mill … Yahoo is apparently in talks to buy Metacafe for between $200 to $300 million per TechCrunch and up to $700 million per GigaOM. So who you gonna believe – both companies flatly deny the rumor. Let’s get closer to the source — Metacafe, which runs a video sharing platform, is based in Tel Aviv. According to Israeli site, ynetnews, is running an “Exclusive” that Metacafe is to be sold for $200 million, but they give no details of the suitor.


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