Bluepulse Gets Crunched

bluepulse.jpgMobile Internet startup, Bluepulse, which was founded in Sydney by Ben Keighran, has received rave reviews over at Techcrunch.

I caught up with Ben recently and was very impressed with the progress they’ve made.  

This from the Bluepulse site:

Ben set out to develop a standard platform for publishing and consuming content on mobile and he has done that with the release in late 2006 of bluepulse 2.0. The bluepulse application works on Java MIPD1, MIDP2 and Symbian mobile phones on any data-enabled mobile networks, anywhere in the world. Bluepulse works on more mobile phones than any other mobile application the company is aware of.


One response to “Bluepulse Gets Crunched

  1. Thx for the mention Randal, was good to see you at STIRR Sydney, sorry I didn’t say hi, but I was sooo busy demoing the product. Please let us know what you think of Bluepulse 2.0 when you’ve had a chance to try it out. Cheers!

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