The Future of Content: The Power Lies With Aggregators And Brands

bearstearnslogo.jpgBear Stearns Media Research discussed their thesis on the future of content via conference call on Monday. You can view the slide pack and presentation here.

The talk was titled The Long Tail: Why Aggregation and Context and Not (Necessarily) Content are King in Entertainment.

In their view, digital technologies are “democratizing” content creation, which has historically been held in the hands of Hollywood and TV networks. OK, so nothing new there.

Now, they say, barriers to content creation are falling, giving rise to “user generated content.” Yip, we kinda got UGC courtesy of YouTube.

As this happens, they believe value in the entertainment supply chain will shift from the creators of content to the aggregators/packagers of content.  Ah ha – now that is a useful point. In the presentation Spencer Wang posits the view that the importance of aggregators and brands will increase with the exponential increase in content choices.

He also rightly argues that we are on the cusp of an explosion in content choice. From a user point of view this means that not only is aggregation and brand recognition going to be key to getting their attention, but also context will play a key role.  Long live the Attention Economy.


2 responses to “The Future of Content: The Power Lies With Aggregators And Brands

  1. Interesting insights into how the big boys are responding to the revolution. How do I post your site on Digg? Cheers Natalia K

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