Web 2.0 Fear and Loathing Downunder

The Australian Financial Review has an article in its weekend edition focusing on the struggle the established corporate world is having coming to terms with the new Internet.

Come on guys, it ain’t that hard. Web 2.0 is about CICS, plain and simple – (Connecting, Interacting, Creating and Sharing).

Here are some snippets from the article…at the interface between the established corporate world and the fronteir of the internet, there’s a whiff of desperation…business people fear that a world they didn’t create and don’t understand is about to change the way they do business.

In the article David Bolliger, CEO of Tilefile, a Sydney-based socnet startup, likens the development of Web 2.0 to the creation of a city. The best cities, he says, “don’t come into existence from one person’s pen but from longitudinal social interaction and person-to-person interactions.”

Hey, I like the analogy.

Here’s another great quote from David – smart cookie this guy…“It’s an earthquake that’s moving through the collective. We should think of Web 2.0 not just as an internet phenomenon but as an internet expression of a global cultural phenomenon.”

Indeed, and the vanguard of this ‘revolution’ is the fundamental human desire for more CICS.

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