An Obvious Escape: Entrepreneurs 1 versus VC Overlords 0

The New York Times has run a piece on Ev Williams and his recent buy out of Odeo from VCs Charles River Ventures. I’m not overly enthused with some of Miguel Helft’s wording – “struggling podcast company”, but on the whole it’s a great snapshot of thinking behind the move by some of us to focus on building multi-product, sustainable companies.

 The best thing about the newly renamed Obvious, Mr. Williams said, is that he controls its destiny. He wants it to become a sort of idea factory that can spawn project after project, perhaps not unlike a media company that starts magazine after magazine. Obvious already has two projects, Odeo, which soldiers on, and Twitter, a blogging-like tool for quick updates.


One response to “An Obvious Escape: Entrepreneurs 1 versus VC Overlords 0

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