Startup Spotlight: plasq

Startup: plasq, started in Melbourne, now an LLC in USA but globally distributed.

Elevator pitch: Do more with your digital photos. Create comics out of all those digital photos you have, but don’t really know what to do with. Browse your photos and snap images from your webcam instantly, add speech balloons.. tada, a comical story.

What they do: Desktop software development with a slant towards sharing the creations online. Comic Life is their current flagship application, but they are working on more.

People: Co-founders Cris Pearson (CEO –, Keith Lang ( and Robert Grant. Headquartered on earth in a Skype text group chat, the 8 plasqers live in Australia, USA, France, Switzerland and Norway.

Funding: Organic – (working other jobs and using friend’s server till profitable. Actually, they’re still using friend’s server!)

Customers: Home computer users, Apple (Comic Life comes bundled on all Macs) and a large Education market

Competitors: Comic Book Creator –

The Deal: Sweating the fine points of user experience – creating enjoyable and fun applications.

Pic of yours truly taken using their new stealth application.


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