MMOG Ventures: Second Life Businesss Plan Competition

A few centuries ago, by Web 2.0 standards…aka in August — I blogged the question:

…given I live in the real world of venture capital, start ups and spin outs – how long will it be before someone sets up a virtual venture firm to fund in-game entrepreneurial activities?

Well, here we are in mid November and we have taken the first giant step forward in this regard. Edelman and the Electric Sheep Company have teamed up to bring a Business Plan Comp to Second Life.

Here’s some more detail:

…to enable opportunities for those who have great ideas, but lack the resources to get them off the ground. As a repeat entrepreneur, I know the benefit a strong investing community brings to startup activity, and we’re trying to bring some of that economic oil to the cogs of the Second Life economic engine. The winner will get 6 months access to an island and L$350,000, plus strategic help from Edelman and The Electric Sheep Company. We also have a live panel this coming Friday:

As part of the business plan competition, we have organized a live audio panel this Friday at 1pm SL time on Edelman island for SL entrepreneurs to come ask questions about how to think about designing a business model, and how to create an effective plan. The panel will have Rick Murray, head of Edelman’s me2revolution practice, Susan Wu, venture capitalist at Charles River Ventures and a longtime proponent of virtual worlds, Sibley Verbeck, CEO of Electric Sheep Company, and will be moderated by John Swords, aka Johnny Ming of Second Cast.

Very cool, but as Steve Rubel from Edelman points out …it’s still the first inning in the metaverse. No problem — some of us are creasing up for the next innings.

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