Hard rocking air shirt

p9en.jpgFor all those rocking air guitar players out there….your time has come to shine. No longer will your gestures be seen as trite, no longer will you be beholden to another’s musical whims…

Entering from left of stage…put your hands together for the air guitar!

Scientists at CSIRO, one of Australia’s research labs, have built a virtual guitar by embedding sensors into a shirt.

It works by recognising and interpreting arm movements and relaying this wirelessly to computer for audio generation. There are no trailing cables to get in the way or trip over.

Textile motion sensors embedded in the shirt sleeves detect motion when the arm bends – in most cases the left arm chooses a note and the right arm plays it.

Way to go CSIRO – who said scientists aren’t uber cool.

One response to “Hard rocking air shirt

  1. I am looking for this shirt for my grandson when will it be available and what stores will be carrying it.

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