Social Media: Video’s Next Wave

Blogging is a great tool, but face it, it’s so 2003.

Video is currently flavor of the moment, what with the recent Google acquisition of the Internet’s public access cable, YouTube.

The crop of  YouTube look-alikes includes New Yorker, Vimeo. They currently have 70,000 registered users. 

More of the big media companies are angling into the space. In August, Sony acquired Grouper.

Keeping the momentum going is French video mashup start up, Dailymotion. They recently hit the one million subscribed user landmark.

The next wave in the video space is being pioneered by FireAnt. Created by Mycelia Networks (mycelia = mushroom root for the uninitiated), FireAnt is bringing the network TV model to video…their unified viewer…

lets you watch all types of content without having to worry about which format it is in.

Their player connects to portable devices (not mobiles yet though) and supports http, streaming, bittorrent and is rss friendly.


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