Wanna Travel? Take a Real Virtual Tour

Meet Synthtravels, the world’s first travel agency for virtual worlds.

Recently set up by two Italian entrepreneurs , the company takes its customers on tours of MMOGs like Second Life and Entropia Universe.

Join them in Second Life to discover the Post Art Deco architecture of Paragon City or have dinner in Entropia Universe with Deathifier.

Here’s their Mission:

Tough travelers are always looking further.
And now the new frontier of travel is out of our world.
It is hidden in the invisible geography of the cyberspace

In a few years, this geography has been expanding, broadening in every direction, configuring new territories, inhabited by new societies.
These are the territories of virtual worlds, synthetic places that exists only in cyberspace, but that exist 24 hours a day. 

In virtual worlds you can find everything, the good and the bad, the poor and the rich, sumptuous castles and futuristic space bases, luscious women and rough warriors.
But, most of all, you can find many lands to discover, extraordinary places to visit, that will ravish your imagination.

Traveling in these territories will be like dreaming
: you will see exotic landscapes where among prehistoric trees break out bizarre surrealistic architectures, strange fantasy regions where the elves built astonishing temples, synthetic deserts covered with post-atomic ruins, seas of pixels where float ghostly vessels, organic architectures that conceal undercover avatars.

Discovering these territories is a great deal, but it is not so easy.
Many worlds request specific skills to be seen in their integrity, and if you want to discover the best, you must pass many hours in front of your monitor, accomplishing weary tasks.
Many problems for people who want just enjoy a trip in a virtual world, just to see how it is made, to try a new experience and tell friends about it. 

So, we shall continue to enjoy only real life travels? We will not be able to double our experiences, pairing the travels in real worlds with travels in synthetic realities?

Synthravels is the answer to all these problems.

Synthravels is the first organization to offer a complete guide service to all the people who want to make a tour in virtual worlds without knowing these new realities, even if they have never put their feet in these strange, synthetic grounds.

The tours and the destinations are chosen by the staff of Synthravels, composed by programmers, architects, experienced video gamers.

Synthravels is based in Milan, Italy.
The concept of Synthravels is by Mario Gerosa and by Matteo Esposito of Imille. 

Mario Gerosa is a journalist who has a long experience in travel. He has worked for many years as senior editor of Condé Nast Traveller Italy and for the most renowned travel magazines. He is a member of the GIST, the association of the Italian Travel Journalists, and of the OMNSH, a French association of video games researchers, and he has been organizing in-world meetings with famous Second Life residents for a project of the Indiana University. In July 2006 he launched the project for the preservation of Virtual Architectural Heritage. 


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