Are you a hyper-entrepreneur?

Given my crazy lifestyle I was beginning to worry. Am I taking too much on, how do I maintain focus, juggle and prioritise competing demands – you know the story. And then I realised I’m not alone…I’m a hyper-entrepreneur.

The Mercury News, in an article titled Isn’t one start-up enough?, focuses on what Constance Loizos calls the hyper-entrepreneurs, folks who are performing extreme balancing acts…starting not one, but two and sometime more high tech start-ups.

Scott Rafer is quoted as saying that everyone he knows is involved in 5 or 6 projects. Scott is currently CEO of MyBlogLog, a blog tracker, co-founder of Mashery and chairman of WiFinder. I like this quote from him:

“VCs spread their risk across numerous companies. Why shouldn’t we?”

That certainly fits with my portfolio approach. And Charles River Ventures partner, George Zachary, says:

“It’s like how multiple people get involved in multiple movie projects as insurance. Entrepreneurs are responding to the hits-driven nature of the industry, where only a few big acquisitions are happening every year.”

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