A Mini-Compendium of Blog Ad Rates

We’ve been digitally inspired by Amit Agarwal to bring you this list of advertising rates on some of the more highly trafficked blogs:

TechCrunch.com – This blog generates over 2 million page views per month and advertisers can rent prominent 125×125 banner space on Techcrunch for a fee of $10,000 per month which translates to a $5 CPM. A skyscraper on Techcrunch available via Federated Media is priced at $20 CPM which is roughly $40k for a month.

Lifehacker.com – The average CPM for image banners is $8 while a 7-day text link on Lifehacker is available for $100. Lifehacker receives around 200,000 views per day so a month long banner campaign on Lifehacker could cost you $48k @ $8CPM.

BoingBoing.net – This blog handles close to half a million hits per day. A 125×125 text ad on BoingBoing costs $350 for a week while rectangular banner ads are available at $20 CPM. If you advertise via Adbrite, a text link for a week on BoingBoing will cost you $500.


One response to “A Mini-Compendium of Blog Ad Rates

  1. Hello I am getting a technical issue visiting your site, I am given 505 pages extremely regularly, I am not too clear as to why but when I refresh the webpage it comes fine.

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