Music at Your Pace

OK, so when I out running or mountain biking, my Garmin 305 tells me to pick up the pace or slow down when I’m going to fast, but my music is piped full on, all the time.

Now there’s a solution:

PersonalSoundtrack, a tiny wearable computer, detects your walking or running speed and plays songs from your music library that match your pace. Song speed is adjusted in real-time to match subtle variations in your gait, while larger, deliberate pace changes cause the device to change songs. You simply put it on and begin moving; that’s it.

Most computational devices require the user to adapt to the machine. PersonalSoundtrack offers, instead, a symbiotic relationship: both human and machine actively adapt to each other in real-time. The ‘interface’ is one’s natural gait. There is no optimal or pre-defined experience, encouraging meandering, wasting time, and loitering.

Gotta love it! Well done Greg Elliot – but can I upload this onto my sunglasses? 


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