Can ‘X’-country produce a YouTube?

There’s a great article on  Guardian Unlimited titled, Can Britian produce a success like YouTube?…this could be replaced by numerous aspirants around the globe – including my home country, Australia.

The answer is…absolutely. I would be surprised if we don’t see more success stories from outside the Valley.

The trick though is to produce a pipeline of successful [YouTubes/Skypes/Googles] …and that requires a bit more deep thinking …especially around the ability to find a replicable model.

My theory revovles around having a solid clay pit with enough resources to allow one to throw clay against the “consumer” wall – quickly and relatively unformed, an alphaworks which incorporates a sufficiently discerning alpha evangelist userbase/community who can reliably advise what will work and what needs to fall back into the clay pit.

I’ve been struggling to come up with a definitive term for such a clay pit – incubator doesn’t resonate, development studio is so ’95, but the term I keep glomming onto is “maketank”.

Interested in thoughts on developing this meme…

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