Blog Networks are HOT Investments

According to Michael Arrington,

Blog networks are hot investments right now, particularly as they continue to take traffic from established (and high-overhead) news websites.

We’ve covered a few blogpires gaining venture investment recently, including GigaOm, B5 and PaidContent and definitely agree with The Crunch that this an area worthy of focus. Michael’s post covers the investment by Sequoia in Sugar Publishing.

Key points to watch out for are:

  • differentiation – as more and more blog networks emerge (remember, it doesn’t take much effort to build a swathe of blogs) the ability of a network to rise above and garner attention will be key;
  • retention – blog followers can be fickle, it doesn’t take much for them to switch their attention, so look for unique ways of keeping readers coming back;
  • growth rate – make sure you check on the veracity of customer acquisition …the numbers should show astronomical, sustained growth.

and if you want to participate in the burgeoning Yoickpire ….give us a yoick!


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