Reuters virtual news bureau opens in Second Life

Reuters has announced it is opening a news bureau in Second Life. From Wednesday they will publish text, photo and video news from the outside world for SL members and news of SL for real world readers here.

The first virtual bureau chief, Adam Pasick (in game he will be Adam Reuters) isn’t phased by his new posting, “As strange as it might seem, it’s not that different from being a reporter in the real world. Once you get used to it — it becomes very much like the job I’ve been doing for years.”

Reuters joins a bevy of other real world companies making a home for themselves on SL, including Toyota, Sony BMG, Sun Microsystems and Cnet. Adidas and American Apparel sell clothes and accessories for avatars.

In keeping with SL’s approach of being a collaorative, immersive and open-ended entertainment experience, residents who read a Reuters story that is of interest to them, can go to a community center, the Reuters Atrium, to meet and discuss the story.

There’s an interview with Adam here.

CEO of Second Life, Philip Rosedale, once said that this MMOG is the answer to the question whether we could digitally simulate the real world – or enough of it at least so that people would really be interested in ‘living’ there …now that residents can get their news fix in game there is one more reason for them to stay.

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