Game, Set, Match: Can natural language search topple Google

Both VentureBeat and Techcrunch have been commenting on Barnie Pell’s natural language search start up, Powerset.

Methinks there is a good deal of marketing behind this Palo Alto based company’s rise to prominence in the blogosphere …particularly given the company is reportedly looking to raise a chunk of cash.

Like Michael Arrington, I haven’t trialled Powerset yet, but suggest anyone interested in the space have a natural language run with Lexxe.

Based in Sydney, Australia the company was set up in 2005 and bills itself as building a third generation search engine based on advanced natural language processing technologies.

Lexxe emphasises the processing of language from the level of words and the meanings associated with them. The company has received support from Daniel Haigh – a successful entrepreneur who co-founded and later sold Soulmates Technology, an online dating play in Web 1.0. bought by Danny now runs a web design and development firm – Kangasoft.


2 responses to “Game, Set, Match: Can natural language search topple Google

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