Ajaxian Calls for Meta Widget API

In a post covering Nokia’s release of WidSets, which allows one to create (java-enabled) mobile phone widgets in a similar manner to how we do it now for the web/desktop, Ajaxian has intimated that: 

Soon someone will create a meta widget API that generates widget code for the various widget platforms.

This is a logical, sound call and one that will no doubt be answered shortly.

2 responses to “Ajaxian Calls for Meta Widget API

  1. Can you elaborate a little bit? Is it a feeling, or a statment, and for wich reason?

    For many different reason, I think it will be hard at least in the short term to create such things. Much more easiest for web only widgets….

  2. Thomas,

    I think of this much like content platforms exist in the mobile space, ie write content once and the platform spits it out for a whole range of handsets from Nokia thro to Samsung. Similarly I imagine the Meta Widget API or Platform being able to spit out widget code for various screens – the myriad mobile formats, browsers and desktops.

    I haven’t heard of anyone doing this yet, but imagine it’s on the radar.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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