Helmi To Raise Ajax Stakes In Silicon Valley Via Open Source

Helmi Technologies has launched an open source, Ajax-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) Platform. This comes a few weeks after the company moved from Finland to the Valley post securing $2.5 million in funding. The round was led by Conor Venture Partners, a Finland-based early stage VC.

The company bills itself as a provider of an Ajax-based development platform for building browser-independent  rich Internet applications (RIAs).

Helmi’s Chairman and a Partner at Conor, Sami Ahvenniemi feels that the company’s RIA platform will be of value to enterprises developing their next gen RIAs and web services.

“Because it was designed from the ground up to all Java engineers and UI designers to easily collaborate, enterprises will be able to quickly and cost effectively implement best-of-breed Web 2.0 applications and services.”

Why go open source?

According to Helmi’s CEO, Juho Risku, the company’s enterprise-class platform has been in development for a decade and they are now offering it to the open source community, where he feels it “rightly belongs”.

Other companies in the AJAX toolkit space include:


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