Startup Spotlight: GameRail – private gaming network

Startup: GameRail , based in
St Louis, Missouri.

Elevator Pitch: High Performance Network for Serious Gamers. 

What they do: Provide a US-wide private network that enables optimal performance (high quality, low latency) for online gaming.  

Problem solved: The company was born out of our frustration with the inconsistencies of network performance across the Internet. Through our years of participating in and interacting with the gaming community we discovered that even being in the same city we could have major performance variations to a single server. While one player might appear directly connected, another might be routed through a completely different city and have twice the ping.

Even more, we found that no matter how fast our broadband access became, we were still experiencing the same problems: poor routing and high latency to any game server outside of our ISP’s regional network. One result of this for competitive gaming is that the battle over what server a match should occur on takes nearly as long as the match itself.

GameRail is our effort to help achieve a superior gaming experience. 

People: Blake Ashby, President of GameRail, has experience in tech and comms start ups. The company’s Chairman is Brian Mathews, CEO of the River City Internet Group. 

Funding: The company closed a seed round last month led by River City Internet Group. 

Customers: In beta. 

The Deal:  Free beta, ultimately $15 per month subscription.

One response to “Startup Spotlight: GameRail – private gaming network

  1. Greetings! I got an e-mail from Dar about your comapnay and the beta testing. I am interested in being a beta tester. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Dan Smirh, aka Spikeman

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