Web 2.0 Toolbar

I’m trialling a new toolbar app which allows you to:

SEARCH allows you to enter a search term once and then use that same search term on over 30 sites.  The sites are a combination of social linking sites like Digg and Delicuos through picture and video sites like Photobucket, Flickr and YouTube.  This is very helpful if you are both trying to research a topic and also find images and video to support it.

The second area is SUBMIT.  If you have accounts with Digg, Del.Icio.us or any of the other 30 clones of these 2 applications.  You can submit to one or all of them right from one button.  I have the top sites listed on the toolbar now and will keep adding these over the next few weeks until I can not find any more.

The 3rd area is ALERT.  These are a series of buttons for NEWS – which includes blogs, news sites and alexa “movers and shakers” under on area – LINKS – which includes the top linked or most recent links on over 10 sites.  PICS – which includes the featured images on the top pic sites.  VIDS – which includes the featured videos on key video sites and the bonus button, PRESS, which includes the latest Internet related releases from PRNewswire, BusinessWire and PrWeb ( a very industry focused inclusion).

Thanks 93South.


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