Seeking AJAX Aficionados

Yip, it’s true – the burgeoning Yoickpire is seeking Ajaxians. Now we could’ve written a position description, but in the spirit of openness and web 2.0 collaboration we purloined this from another Silicon Valley company – let hear from ya!

If you have the passion to develop revolutionary web software, the skills to do it, and the desire to get in on the ground floor of a start-up with an outrageously bold ambition, then jump on board as we strive to change the way consumers use the internet to get informed, stay informed, and communicate about topics of interest. Founders are experienced execs who’ve worked in the industry and will now change it.

But we need you – super-bright, super-passionate, and super-motivated AJAX aficionados.

To handle the task at hand, you must have:
– Delusions of grandeur
– Untouchable, unspeakable, unthinkable programming skills
– Expert understanding of Javascript and other AJAX-related technologies
– Strong background in traditional CGI/DHTML development (Python experience is desirable but not required)
– Extensive experience developing large consumer-facing web applications in a start-up environment
– Strong bias towards multi-tasking, shipping product, and iterating quickly
– Desire to build and share code that others can use
– Confidence and intestinal fortitude to persevere as one of the first engineers on board a rapidly moving boat.

Some type of code portfolio (e.g. live products, small or big) that demonstrates your potential and interests would be helpful, but frankly, we’ll know brilliant when we see it.

Think you’ve got what it takes? So dump your stale gig and join us for the ride.


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