Flock Advertising

TechCrunch reporting on a MediaWeek story has blogged about Facebook placing ads into the newsfeeds on user’s front pages. Marshall Kirkpatrick goes on to explain how this will be used:


When one user clicks on an advertisement in their feeds, all of that user’s friends will be notified that the ad was clicked on and will be given an opportunity to join a group led by the advertiser, apparently. Mike Murphy, Facebook’s chief revenue officer, told MediaWeek the following: “Up until now, most advertising on social network sites hasn’t leveraged social networking behavior…This offers a viral opportunity that is unique for advertisers that is not disruptive.”

This is interesting as it could lead to group buying or flocking…you may follow a friend’s advertising trail or that of a member of your social network, or even sign up to be given the ability to flock with someone influential to you.


OK so I had already bought my Sanyo Xacti High Def Videocam, but what if, now I say what if – I found Robert Scoble to be hugely influential to me. Assume I’d signed up to flock with him…so when the scobleizer and his podtechnet mates head off via a Sanyo ad (this is hypothetical remember) to buy themselves Xacti’s, I could very well be influenced to do the same.


This flock advertising could go one step further – Facebook or whomever, could sign deep discount deals with advertising retailers who would offer a discount to any buying flock – the ultimate benefit to users being group discounts in real time. 


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