Startup Spotlight: Norg Media

I had a chat with Bronwen Clune, Founder of Norg Media (NORG = News Organisation, a term first coined in Philadelphia and one used by Jeff Jarvis over at BuzzMachine). She had some great tag lines relating to citizen journalism – my favorite: “News, It Just Happens“.

So I’ve included a Startup Spotlight on her company, which commenced operating in August 2006:

Startup: Norg Media, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Elevator Pitch: Local citizen media news sites (called norgs) built by a community of citizen journalists, revenue comes from advertising in local markets.

What they do: Create local news sites that place editorial control in the hands of its members, build local online news communities. PerthNorg is the company’s first norg.

People: Bronwen Clune (Founding Director), with a community of Cit Js (citizen journalists) behind her.

Funding: Angel investment. Currently undertaking a small funding round.

Customers: Local and national advertisers.

Competition: Mainstream media. Digg elements, but go further in that Norg allows a user to blog too.

The Deal: Norg Media wants to create engaging and collaborative news communities that have real value to members and readers.

A few more sound bytes from our discussion… Bronwen firmly believes that real news value is in “local” and her aim is to bring the blogosphere to the broadersphere from the ground up.

I agree with her that community resonates with local and look forward to watching norgs unfold at an exponential rate.


2 responses to “Startup Spotlight: Norg Media

  1. SO thats what they are now called. I’ve been struggling to give my site a one word identity since i set up the same concept with a couple of mates in november 2000. (yes that is 6 years before the term was coined by jeff jarvis)

  2. You have got an exceptionally superb web site, Blade lily My partner and i discovered the idea by means of digg.

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