StudentFace: the Australian Facebook

Australian student social networking site, StudentFace, is a rapidly growing alternative to Facebook.

Their differentiator is a trusted network in that they verify and guarantee members are in fact students.

For more, read TechAdress’s interview with StudentFace CEO, Jahangir Shagaev.

2 responses to “StudentFace: the Australian Facebook

  1. Thanks for posting the link to the article, much appreciated!

  2. Rand, thank you so much for checking out Studentface.

    Thousands of students from Australian unis really like the site because it helps people keep in touch in a way you can’t do with email

    For me personally, as a final year student, this feature is of great benefit because otherwise I’d lose contact with a lot of people I’ve met over the last 5 years at UTS, which would really devalue the whole cost of the degree

    If any uni students are reading this, come and register at

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