Startup Spotlight: Atlassian

Startup: Atlassian, based in Sydney, Australia and San Francisco.

Elevator pitch: Prosumer wiki and project management developer.

What they do: Enterprise software solutions for bug and issue tracking and project management (JIRA) and wikis (Confluence).

People: Co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes (CEO) and Scott Farquhar with 65 staff in Sydney, San Francisco and Malaysia.

Funding: Organic, revenues approx $15 million per annum, growing 25-30% quarter on quarter.

Customers: JIRA has 4,000 organisations as customers and Confluence has 1,800 in 65 countries.

Competitors: JotSpot, SocialText, 37Signals

The Deal: Intense customer focus from day one, passionate founders and a quality development team.


6 responses to “Startup Spotlight: Atlassian

  1. I’m curious to know why you took Socialtext off the competitor-list.

  2. Zoli – good question! I’ve put a strikethro SocialText as I’d like folk to think of them as a potential competitor. Talking with Atlassian’s CEO he assured me they aren’t…so, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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  5. Thanks buddy. Not bad website you got here. Have some extra websites to direct to with a bit more stuff like this?

  6. Thank you. Good website you got here. Have some extra links to point to which have a bit more info?

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