Instant Web 2.0

You too can play in the Web 2.0 space!

All you need is a bit of cash (or scrip) and you can have your very own ready-made blog email marketing company …courtesy of Aussies, Yorke Hindes and Nick McNaughton.

That’s right, they have put their company, Zookoda, on the block.

I’ve got mixed feelings. I’m not sure whether to applaud their entrepreneurial vivre — that’s assuming they intend to get straight back in the saddle and build their next big idea using the sale proceeds… or whether to pound the air in frustration — they quote their reason for the sale as being because they’ve taken the business as far as they can – it now needs to become part of a bigger stable. So does this mean they have been unable to grow sufficiently organically or that they have not sourced high growth funding. Both of these angles could be seen as a sign of ultimate failure.

One thing for sure, they have joined a growing number of folk wanting to cash out early, way early – jux2, digforit and kiko all sold for little more than a good domain would go for, ie sub $300k.

What’s the deal guys?


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