Web 2.E

Chris Shipley has posted her observations on her recent trip to Australia & New Zealand in her DEMOletter.

Her two key points are that , firstly, folk in the ANZ region haven’t been captivated yet by the Web 2.0 trend, and secondly, that companies in this region are enterprise-focused and are not targeting consumers.

I have made a point of separating these two issues more that Chris does for one key reason – while Web 2.0 is currently consumer-focused there will be an ever increasing trend to target enterprises. We are starting to see this from the likes of Google already. Hence the use of the term Web 2.E in my title.

Chris is right about why Australian’s and New Zealanders focus on enterprise – market size, tyranny of distance – however, as some of you know this gets me onto my hobby horse…there is no reason for us to delimit our focus because of these factors, many other countries (Ireland, Israel, Estonia – to name a few) have been able to build very successful consumer-focused companies attacking global markets right from their very own backyards.

Antipodeans need to be ever mindful of falling into the trap of resigning themselves to simply focusing on enterprise because it’s too hard to get their heads around consumerland.

That said, Australians are very good at dealing with enterprise and this may be an advantage we can bring to Web 2.E. In fact in my interview for the Business Review Weekly cover story “My Web, Your Profit”, Foad tacked his questioning along exactly those lines – should enterprise in fact sit up and listen to Web 2.0. If you’ve read the article you’ll know my answer – absolutely.


2 responses to “Web 2.E

  1. Hi Randal,

    Just wanted to let you know that I read your BRW story and thought it was pretty good.

    Seems Demo didn’t look hard enough. We are based in Western Australia and are very focused on Web 2.0.

    We plan to launch a few more verticals in the coming months.

    Our main focus is currently Minti (www.minti.com).

    Clay Cook
    CEO – Minti

  2. Cheers Clay,

    Minti looks great – as I understand it Chris (from Demo) was focused on the Eastern seaboard only – she was a guest of the ANZA network who were drumming up support for their US activities. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with their CEO, Viki Forrest.

    I look forward to hearing about your other verticals and seeing more good stuff coming out of WA!

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