Web 2.0 Hangover

Phew, sounds like Jeremy Wright over at b5media ingested too much Web 2.0 diatribe at the Techcrunch party – result = instant hangover and a penchant to try and illuminate the pitfalls of treading an already sodden Web 1.0 path.

Jeremy blogs:

During the TechCrunch party I realized why the whole Web 2.0 think bugged me. It’s all so Web 1.0. Yeah, sure, greater interaction, new technologies, VCs with more knowledge, etc.

But something really irked me. In Web 1.0 the single biggest mistake was … businesses with no business plan, no sales path, no income, etc. The perception that if you worked your butt off you’d IPO and everything’d be fine.

To me, 2.0 of a product should fix the issues with 1.0 as well as adding new features. In Web 2.0 we definitely added new features… but did we solve the issues with 1.0?

Well at least here’s a lucid thought:

Web 2.0 should be “profitable online businesses”.

Indeed, tell that to Chad and Sequoia over at YouTube — I mean a channel for Paris Hilton… come on guys has the summer toasted your ability to think straight. Oh well, at least we know Marshall Kirkpatrick will be watching this development closely, ie it’s in safe hands.

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