How to build a blog empire

I’ve posted recently about the rise of a second generation of blogpire entrepreneurs. The cover story on Business 2.0 now picks up the theme and provides some good stats on who’s who in the blogpire zoo and what they are making in terms of revenues. All relatively small potatoes at present, but like I’ve said before, blogpires are all about building big brands, and that’s when the true monetization can begin.

In line with Jeremy Wright’s point that Web 2.0 should be about “profitable online businesses”, Business 2.0 gloms onto this thought as well and describes these fledgling blogpire’s as:

Real businesses, with real revenue streams from real advertisers — not overhyped next big things with pick-a-number valuations based on selling out someday to some overenthusiastic big-media sugar daddy.


2 responses to “How to build a blog empire

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  2. Goeie dag!
    Check this out!

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