Virtually spun: MMOG venture firm

Brad Howarth has blogged about Text 100, a pr agency, setting up a shingle within the MMOG, Second Life. He ponders how long it will be before they are engaged by someone’s Second Life character to build some virtual pr spin for them.

This begs the question: how much can real life be synched/melded into virtual, synthetic worlds?

There has been plenty of talk recently about MMOG’s having their own economies. Some folk have even bought real estate within Eve, for example, using real world cash, developed and then onsold properties to other players for a tidy profit.

So…let me pose another question for your ponderation: given I live in the real world of venture capital, start ups and spin outs – how long will it be before someone sets up a virtual venture firm to fund in-game entrepreneurial activities?

UPDATE: Kevin Maney has blogged about Starwood Hotels testing the design of their new hotel chain, Aloft, within Second Life. 

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