Touchstone gets Attention

Brisbane, Australia based Faraday Media has announced its received seed funding for its personal meta attention filter, Touchstone. Marshall Kirkpatrick  from Techcrunch agrees that this product, which is currently in alpha is a great example of our shift into the Attention Economy.

Marshall explains what Touchstone does:

It’s a desktop app that integrates several sources of incoming information, runs them all through a set of filters that you administer and then notifies you automatically when important events have occurred. That notification will come in a variety of ways, depending on how important the event is relative to your prioritized filters.

What does that mean? It means you can set Touchstone to pull in RSS and atom feeds, POP emails and Gmail, filter the incoming items for keywords you’ve set to varying priority levels with sliders and tell the system how you’d like to be notified of events of different levels of importance.

I’m interested in what Ed Batista over at the Attention Trust thinks of this product. It certainly looks interesting to me. I wonder if Chris Saad, co-founder of Faraday would be kind enough to get me onto the alpha. I’d also love to know which one of my angel friends in Brisbane put cash in…

4 responses to “Touchstone gets Attention

  1. I’ve exchanged email with Chris about Touchstone–he seems familiar with AttentionTrust and supportive of our founding principle that users should be able to exert control over their attention data, although I haven’t yet seen how that principle will be reflected in the application itself. (Chris offered to let me try out the alpha, but unfortunately, it requires Windows XP users to have Service Pack 2 installed, and I’ve had major problems with SP2 on my laptop that I don’t want to revisit.) I’m certainly intrigued and eager to learn more.


  2. Great stuff, Ed. I’ll keep you posted re Touchstone — anticipating good things!

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