Do Serial Entrepreneurs Go The Distance?

Brad Feld has a great riff about the similarities between marathon running and being a startup entrepreneur.

Both require mental agility. The ability to shift from one groove into another and maintain blinkered focus while in that space is a key asset.

Brad talks about how he has recognised patterns in prep, during the endurance event and post event and – key point – the more marathons he has done, the better he is at seeing the patterns and settling into the groove.

By the same token, this is what makes us serial entrepreneurs and VCs such interesting beasts. We’ve been through the entire startup process many times, we know the stages, we know the pains that can emerge and if we’re back in the startup saddle, we can deal with things quicker and more efficiently than novices, or if we are on the venture side of the track we can run interference for our portfolio CEOs.

Good running…


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