NATO backs security startup search

As a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Security Challenge, I’m pleased to let you know that NATO has decided to join Siemens Venture Capital and a host of other key players in the VC and government sectors in support of this initiative.

Organised through London Business School the Challenge’s mission is to “stimulate technological innovation to make us all safer without encroaching on civil liberties.” Hear, hear!

The algorithm is essentially a business plan competition peaking with a Grand Final and one day security conference on October 26th. A must attend event for anyone interested in the growing Homeland Security market ($57bn in 2006, $10bn in 2010).

The challenge was founded by Simon Schneider and his MBA colleagues at LBS on the belief that entrepreneurs, and private sector technology solutions, developed around the globe have a role to play in winning the war on terror and crime.

Assistant Secretary General of NATO, Marshall Billingslea, made a good point, “The inventiveness and creativity of our private sectors is one of the greatest assets NATO nations have in the fight against terrorism. We need to do a better job of tapping into that creativity.”

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