Attention Data: Open API

Ed Batista, the Exec Director of the Attention Trust, has blogged a thoughtful response to my post: Attention Data: the future of media. You may recall that I said I was not yet convinced that our attention data is sooo private that it warrants exploitation affrontation. I’m glad to hear from Ed that his org is not tilting at the bogstandard privacy windmill:

“AttentionTrust shouldn’t be perceived as a “Hands Off My Data!” campaign”

His response gets better and better.  I really like this (at this stage of reading, I’m almost on the AttentionTrust bandwagon):

“… enabling individuals to own a copy of their personal attention data is the baseline, the starting point for AttentionTrust. We believe that it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s also a foundational element in the further evolution of the attention economy. If people are empowered to control and manage their own data (or, for the less technically-inclined, to share their data with services that will manage it on their behalf with their explicit permission), they will in turn help to fuel the development of a much richer ecosystem of attention services.”

Now, I’m a firm believer in open innovation/collaboration and the open API mindset. So… Ed’s final sentence got me real excited:

“Attention data is just another form of user-created content. And users and service providers will benefit from an open infrastructure in which users are in charge and are free to store their content, their data where they want to and move it when they want to.”

Ed, where do I sign up!

I’m hoping to be able to share with you some really interesting Attention Economy activities in the near future. There is some commercial sensitivity… so bear with me. To peek your interest though, imagine that a user group has its attentionstream monitored (not just online, but through other forms of technology) for a period of time — the resultant data would provide a rich tapestry for driving advertising behavior.

One response to “Attention Data: Open API

  1. Welcome to the bandwagon, Randal!

    Seriously, I’m very glad to read about your reaction to my post. And I’m looking forward to hearing more about your attention economy plans.


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