Silicon Valley magic dust, cont.

Following on from my last (first) post, I note Kevin Maney from USA Today has written an article in similar vein – titled “Tech startups don’t grow on trees outside the USA” – I’d take it one step further, Kevin, they don’t grow on trees without the right environment. If an avocado tree does not have the right mix of ingredients, it will never bear fruit…Silicon Valley is full of startup bearing avo trees (excuse the mixed metaphor).

In fact Kevin’s article starts off talking about a VC roundtable lunch I hosted in Sydney recently at which I brought together a number of the key players from the Australian early stage VC community. The purpose was to explore ways in which we at NICTA can work together with the investment community to foster a more well-honed ecosystem. The conversation did indeed settle on how we could create a Google, Myspace or Skype out of the geography. Watch this space…

One of the roundtable attendees, Bjoern Christensen, had the following to say in response to my blog posting yesterday: “It is indeed almost magic how to generate success”, in his imitable Danish style he continues, “but it starts with the right people finding together and deciding to start the journey to a destination not yet known.”

Touche, Bjoern. 

One response to “Silicon Valley magic dust, cont.

  1. Randal,

    Years ago I was in a meeting at Stanford where a diverse group of professional discuss WHY Silicon Valley came to be and continues to be a intellectual center in many fields. I wish I remembered all the aspects that make SV unique…I do remember it was a combination of factors especially the weather and connection to major university. The group found the discussion about the weather (year-round variations) was most significant. AGAIN, I wish I knew where my notes were!


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